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F.A.Q this is my attempt to answer the questions I think people are most likely to ask. If I receive lots of emails about a particular issue I will endevour to add to the list.


Q1  I installed TightVNC but VNC Won't connect, it just hangs and never shows the screen?

I've seen this a couple of times, and to be honest I don't understand it. It seems to have something to do with not installing TightVNC as a service when you first install. Sometimes an uninstall and reinstall solves it. Other times nothing seems to solve this issue. The issue seems to be with the Windows Version of TightVNC. To work round this uninstall TightVNC and install RealVNC instead.

TightVNC Should work as that's what I used when developing VNCSara.

Q2  I Click the connect button and nothing happens?

Please check that your browser supports Java and Java Script. The most likely cause of this issue is that JavaScript is disabled.

Q3  Can I run VNC using a secure socket (HTTPS)?

Short answer is Yes. Long answer is:

At the moment VNC Sara has not been written to support SSL however this hopefully will be implemented in the future. If you want to achieve this then you need to use a proxy that can do front-end ssl. I use apache for this and it works fine. However a quick word of warning the proxy must properly support HTTP/1.1 squid proxy currently does not support HTTP/1.1 and will not work.

Q4  I've forgotten my username and password?

If you forget your username and password you can reset it as long as you have direct access to the computer running VNCSara. In the VNCSara installation folder you will see a sub folder called webfolder. In there you will find a file called .vncsara. This file maybe hidden in linux or osx operating systems. Simply delete this file and then visit your VNCSara web site and it will ask you to enter a new username and password, like it did the first time you used it.

Q5  Why does VNCSara seem slow?

There are cases when VNC Might seem slow. Due to the way HTTP protocol works more data is sent and received than when using a plain RFB protocol (RFB is the standard VNC Protocol). It is also heavily dependant on your maximum upload speed available from your server and the download speed available in the location you are trying to view from. It might help to ensure you are using a VNC Server that supports tight encoding as I think this is the best encoding for small band widths.

Q6  VNCSara doesn't work behind Squid Proxy?

Yep, that's correct. This is because Squid doesn't support HTTP/1.1. VNCSara heavily relies on keep-alive connections and squid doesn't deal with these correctly yet.

Q7  VNCSara says socket is protected on OSX?

I haven't had the time to investigate this properly yet. But if you get this error on OSX then simply change the port number. You may then need to reconfigure your router so it maps port 80 to your new port.

Q8  How do I contact you?

You can email me at or you can post message to me on sourceforge.




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