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Things To-Do

This is just a simple list of things that I want to do and achieve with VNCSara in no particular order.


    1. Add SSL server support
    2. Re-write code for added security and maintainability.
    3. Allow users to put thier computers into groups to help them be found easier
    4. Create a VNC Broadcaster so you can broadcast VNC from behind proxies into VNCSara
    5. If VNCSara becomes popular then allow customers to purchase dedicated support.
    6. Make the installation easier to setup.
    7. Default VNCSara to listen on all ip's and default to port 80 if no parameters are passed
    8. Add online documentation to VNCSara to help people setup and configure it.
    9. Create log file and stats on user access and failed access attempts
    10. Get VNCSara noticed and an article written in some computer magazines.
    11. Thank all my customer for their support.
    12. Add source code to sourceforge web site
    13. Give acknowledgment to those that have helped including Sara & Snes!



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