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Why Donate

This is just a small snippet from the history page. If you want to know more please read the history.


I spend a lot of time on the computer, I love the things. I work all day on them doing a proper job, but then when I get home I like to use computers hard core. However this takes it's toll sometimes. I have a wonderful fiancee who loves me loads and gives me lots of support for my computer antics. However, understandably, she gets a bit annoyed when I'm just stuck upstairs in my little hobbits den, playing on the computer.

So when I told her about this amazing bit of software I was going to write she was pleased for me... but the first question on her lips was how much money will it make? It baffles her, and me sometimes, that people will spend their hard earned time creating software and then what do they do... they just give it away for free. It's madness, but I'm glad so many people do it.

So she said "You know I love you, but I would like to spend more time with you. I like to see you happy but I don't see why you would do this for nothing. I know you enjoy it and you love doing it, but I don't get anything out of you doing this." Which is true, makes me happy to do it, make you happy to use it, doesn't make her happy because she doesn't want it, doesn't use it, and doesn't see me away from a computer.

So here was the compromise.... My Fiancees name is "Sara". I said I would dedicate this software to her and let the world know who Sara is. I said I will also ask people to donate money if they find this project useful and that all the proceeds would go to her so that she did get some benefit from all the hours of work that I put in, and she spent sat on her own.

So if you have spent the time to read this far, please click the donate button at the top of the page, so that I'm happy, you're happy and more importantly... Sara is happy. This will also help to ensure I have some time to improve and complete VNCSara.


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